Haskalah in Transition

Time, Place and Pepole in the Jewish Enlighenment

Thrid Wrocław Conference In Jewish Studies

8-9 May 2006, Wrocław, Poland

Department of Jewish Studies, Wrocław University
The Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and East European Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Oratorium Marianum, main building of the University, pl. Uniwersytecki 1

Monday, 8th May


Greetings from Professor Leszek Pacholski, the Rector of the University of Wroclaw
Greetings from Professor Israel Bartal, the academic chair of the Nevzlin Centre

Opening lecture: Shmuel Feiner (Bar Ilan University): Touching the Sensitive Nerve of Modernity: New Trends in the Study of Haskalah

Sabbateanism, Frankism, Enlightenment, Chair: Michael Silber (Hebrew Univesity)

Paweł Maciejko (Hebrew University): More about the Alleged Connection between Frankism and the Haskalah
Michael L. Miller (Central European University): A Nexus between Sabbateanism and Haskalah? Evaluating Scholem's Thesis in Light of the Jewish Community in Prossnitz (Prostejov), Moravia

11.00 coffee break


Enlightenment, Education and Herz Homberg in Galicia, Chair and Respondent: Israel Bartal (Hebrew University)

Michael Silber (Hebrew University): The Vanguard of the Haskalah? The Teachers of the Josephinian Jewish Normalschule, 1775-1810
Riety van Luit (Hebrew University): The teaching of good citizenship in the German Jewish Schools in Galicia: Free of religious values or religiously based?
Dirk Sadowski (Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture):Between Haskalah, Social Disciplining and "Schulwirklichkeit": The Jewish German schools in Galicia, 1782-1806
Rachel Manekin (Hebrew University): Herz Homberg in Galicia Revisited

13.30 lunch


Women and Enlightenment: Visions and Divisions, Chair and Respondent: Lois Dubin (Smith College)

Tova Cohen (Bar-Ilan University): The Portrait of the Maskilah as a Young Woman
Louise Hecht (University of Vienna): "By what means do women acquire merit?" (Ber 17a) Women in the Jewish Public discourse in Central Europe around 1800

16.00 coffee break


Community and Identity, Chair and Respondent: Nancy Sinkoff (Rutgers University)

François Guesnet (Potsdam University): Haskalah and Community: Social Distinction and the Spreading of the Jewish Enlightenment in Eastern Europe
Haim Gertner (Yad Vashem, Jerusalem): The East European Maskilic ‘Imagined Community’. A Reassessment
Lara Lempertiene (Vilnius University): ‘What actually is the essence of the Talmud?’ Is there a New Maskilic Identity?
Elchanan Reiner (Tel Aviv University): Beyond the Realm of the Haskalah: Changing Learning Patterns in the Jewish Traditional Society

20.00 Festive Dinner


Tuesday, 9th May


Centres and Peripheries: Jewish Enlightenment(s) in the Local Context, Chair: Elchanan Reiner (Tel Aviv University)

Yosef Salmon (Ben Gurion University): The Jewish Enlightenment Movement in the Land of Israel: Some Characteristics
Haim Cohen (Bar-Ilan University): Joshua Heschel Schorr, He-Halutz and the Forgotten “He-Halutz Circle”
Mordechai Zalkin (Ben Gurion University): "Hear the truth from whoever said it": The Telšiai Yeshiva and the late impacts of the Lithuanian Haskalah educational undercurrents

10.30 coffee break


Haskalah in Poland or Polish Haskalah?, Chair: François Guesnet (Potsdam University)

Marcin Wodziński (University of Wrocław): Two Enlightenments: Polish and Jewish Enlightenments look at each other
Agnieszka Jagodzińska (University of Wrocław): What happened with our Haskalah? Polish Positivism and Jewish Enlightenment in the Kingdom of Poland
Ela Bauer (University of Haifa): Pragmatism and Ideology: the Haskalah Programme and the Agenda of Hayim Zelig Słonimski

12.30 lunch


Controversies: Maskilim, Mitnagdim & Hasidim , Chair and respondent: David Assaf (Tel Aviv University)

Uriel Gellman (Hebrew University): Mitnagdim & Maskilim: Continuity and Innovation in their Attitude towards Hasidism
Jonatan Meir (Hebrew University): The Influence of 'Megale Temirin': Imagination, Imitation and Reality
Yehuda Friedlander (Bar Ilan University): The Haskalah Period Olive Oil Controversy between Lithuanian Rabbis and Maskilim
Israel Bartal (Hebrew University): Closing Remarks: The Haskalah -Enlightenment Catch

16.00 Tour through Jewish landmarks in Wroclaw

20.00 Dinner

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